Fishing for Food

The high quality fish caught by PFA members and frozen on-board their vessels, is solely intended for direct human consumption rather than for conversion into fishmeal to feed farmed fish or animals. Around 90 percent of our fish is sent to markets outside Europe, especially those with a low average income such as Ghana, Egypt and Nigeria. Our fish is affordable and healthy and contains high-quality proteins, together with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids that are an essential part of a healthy diet. Fish supplied by PFA members provides on average, no less than 6 million fish meals per day, 5.5 million of which are in Africa. This equates to 2.5 billion fish meals a year, and in this way, PFA members make a substantial contribution to global food security.



PFA represents the interests of nine European freezer-trawler companies involved in pelagic fishing activities for human consumption.

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