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Our oceans are home to a wealth of fish and shellfish, which make a vital contribution towards feeding a world population of 7 billion. They also provide a living for a fishing fleet, fishermen and their communities. The members of the Pelagic Freezer-trawler Association catch fish in a sustainable manner, without damage to the seabed, without disturbing the ecological system, and based on effective fish stock management.
PFA works closely with international scientists, environmental organisations, governments and fisheries management bodies, to ensure that accurate research provides the information necessary to ensure sustainable fisheries and effective fish stock management, including the prevention of unintentional bycatch, in all the waters where we operate.
We are proud that two of our fisheries bear the prestigious MSC label for sustainable fisheries: Northeast Atlantic herring and North Sea herring.

In the coming years we will further expand our position in the international marketplace and continue to play a leading role in terms of  sustainable and responsible business practices. This encompasses many areas; for example the refrigeration equipment aboard PFA member vessels will be converted to become more environmentally friendly, whilst a number of innovations are helping to reduce fuel consumption and to further improve selective fishing. Another important focal point for PFA members is the constant improvement of working and living conditions for crew on-board our vessels. When fishing in foreign waters, we engage local employees, which in turn provides a stimulus to local economies.
Our current plan of action focuses on five main priorities.  Use this link to find out more.



PFA represents the interests of nine European freezer-trawler companies involved in pelagic fishing activities for human consumption.

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